Join the Student Antiracism and Intersectionality Advisory Council (SAIAC) in their campus wide conversation on Antiracism, Intersectionality, and Empowerment on Thursday, October 8 from 7:00-8:30pm via Zoom.

Please register for the conversation here and circulate the flyer among your friends if you are interested.

SAIAC is dedicated to developing strategies that will cultivate understandings of race and intersectionality while dismantling racist ideologies. The council aims to equip students and educators of all backgrounds with materials and knowledge on how to be an anti-racists on campus and in all of their endeavors.

As part of the council’s mission to cultivate understanding of race and intersectionality on our campus, SAIAC is working with Dr. Emily Ruth Rutter to gather data for the Understanding Race and Becoming an Anti-Racist course (HONR 199) to be taught in Spring 2021 by Dr. Rutter and Dr. Frausto.

SAIAC is asking students to complete this race and intersectionality survey, which will help the professors plan the course. The survey will remain open until November 25, the start of the Thanksgiving Break.

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For questions or further information about the event, you can contact Dr. Rutter at or Gabriel Tait at