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  • Alumni Homecoming Guide

    Homecoming week is finally here! This year, Ball State will be hosting a variety of traditional and new events to celebrate. There are activities for everyone as these events span across campus and many different colleges. Below is a guide for alumni to get a glimpse into the different options they can participate in when […]

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  • 13 BSU Homecoming Facts You Might Not Know

    1. The first Ball State homecoming took place in 1926. The first homecoming occurred on November 18th, 1926, featuring a bonfire, pep session, dancing, and food. The football team defeated Hanover College 13-0! 2. The annual Leaf Rake was once a Homecoming tradition. In response to the lack of groundskeepers and the lack of a […]

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  • The 2021 Homecoming Steering Committee stands in front of the Beneficence statue

    Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow

    Ball State University is one of only a handful of institutions nationwide that has students plan all of its Homecoming activities. The relationship and trust in the leadership of the student-composed Homecoming Steering Committee transform Ball State into a place where alumni can indeed return home each year. With the experience gained while serving on […]

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  • Students compete in Ball State's Bed Race during Homecoming week

    Homecoming 2021

    Enjoy this preview of this year’s Homecoming festivities “Fly Your Way Back Home” is the theme for our annual homecoming and is present in every event we’re excited to offer this year. During this special time, the homecoming team has evolved to include new ways for everyone celebrating to share in the fun safely, even […]

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  • A woman participates in Air Jam, a Ball State Homecoming Week tradition

    Spring Homecoming 2021 – April 26 through May 1

    After a challenging year, the Homecoming Steering Committee and Alumni Association still find a way to innovate on a 100-year old tradition and bring together Ball State University students, faculty/staff, and alumni! Homecoming is back, and this time it’s springing forward into the new decade! Spring Homecoming is a first for Ball State University, but […]

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