Ball State University is one of only a handful of institutions nationwide that has students plan all of its Homecoming activities. The relationship and trust in the leadership of the student-composed Homecoming Steering Committee transform Ball State into a place where alumni can indeed return home each year. With the experience gained while serving on the Homecoming Steering Committee, former members have moved on to serve on the Board of Trustees, Foundation Board, Alumni Council, and Young Alumni Council. By establishing relationships with the University early in their academic careers through unique experiences such as the Homecoming Steering Committee, students develop professional and leadership skills that translate to their lives beyond college.

Exemplifying the work and responsibilities of the Homecoming Steering Committee is its General and Parade Chair, Josie Marcum. In this role, she assists in planning the events of Homecoming week, serves as the dedicated point of contact with the Alumni Association, University staff, and the Ball State community.

“I wish more people realized how many beneficial skills, networking opportunities, and personal development chances this role gives you,” she says about the position. “As General Chair, I have been managing a committee of seven other students this year. This has taught me how to help individuals stay motivated, encouraged, and feel supported. I have also learned time management, communication, and other leadership skills.”

With Homecoming week’s planning and implementation comes a plethora of opportunities for Cardinals to engage with their community and University. Students come first at Ball State, and it’s through Ball State Homecoming that this relationship truly shines. With the support of the Alumni Association, the Homecoming Steering Committee can craft festivities that soar.

Alumni, mark your calendars and plan to attend both in-person and virtual Homecoming events October 18–23.