Picture2This past week Wild about Writing Campers explored the museum to find inspiration by examining genres of writing, using the museum collection to spur creativity, and hone their writing.

_MG_9808Writing teachers Felicia Gray and Rena Dossett guided young authors in letting their imaginations roam free. Students discovered that there are no borders or boundaries when you escape into the wild and let your imagination take control.

Students found inspiration for their writing throughout the museum with Art Link lessons led by Tania Said, Director of Education, including wild revelations with masks in the African gallery, wild motion and emotion found in landscapes, wild spirit animals and identity in the Native American and Pre-Columbian gallery, fantastical and mythological Asian art, and wild interpretations in glass in the Without Camouflage exhibition by artists Dafna Kaffeman and Silvia Levenson.Picture1

For more fun with the museum be sure to join us at the Maring-Hunt Muncie Public Library at 2005 S. High St. for socializing and games as part of the Summer Reading Family Night on Friday, August , and meet museum volunteers and staff in the community!

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