• Sex Sells: Sex Trafficking and Its Relation to Freak Shows

    By Lauren Cross Human trafficking has become a prevalent aspect of our society, and an awareness of its impact can be seen everywhere, from college organizations to Facebook timelines and even to Hollywood movies (which raise awareness–sometimes inadvertently–by casting top actors in the roles of heroes rescuing victims from this horrendous business). While human trafficking […]

  • Western Europe: Key Recommendations

    By: Lucy Mahaffey In the following post, undergraduate student Lucy Mahaffey from University of Oklahoma examines comparative data about the anti-trafficking practices of both Greece and Norway and offers recommendations for other countries looking to improve their anti-slavery policies. Western Europe is often looked to for ideal infrastructure and government. In instances of human trafficking, […]

  • Watching Television with a Critical Eye: An analysis of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

    By: Kathryn Hampshire Many modern television shows engage in critical conversations without viewers realizing it. One such program is Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU). This crime drama centered on sexually-motivated offences follows “the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies,” as the opening mantra states (“Merchandise”). “Special victims” include those who have experienced rape, […]