By Allen Warren

Introduction: A friend of mine served a variation on this dish to me earlier this year. We adapted it to be meat-free and both agreed it added a lot to the ubiquitous student staple of ramen. Try this affordable recipe toadd some heartiness to your midnight meal and make you run for your Maruchan!


½ lb. super or extra firm tofu

½ c. carrots(baby carrots may be easier to peel)

3 to 5 (⅓c.) bok choy leaves

2 tbsp. hoisin sauce

1 tbsp. soy sauce

¼ tsp. black pepper

2 eggs

4 c. water

23-oz. ramen packets

Serves: 4

Prep time: 20-30min.


1.Dry tofu until no longer sopping. Cut into ¼-to ½-in. cubes. Coat a deep pan or pot with butter or cooking spray and begin cooking the tofu over low-medium heat, stirring occasionally.

2.Peel the carrots and add them to the pot.

3.Rip the bok choy leaves into ¼-in. pieces and add them to the pot. Mix the vegetables in with the tofu while adding the hoisin and soy sauces as well as the pepper.

4.Once the tofu is firm or appears golden-brown, add the eggs and fry them. Continue mixing.

5.Add the water slowly, then insert the ramen. Make sure the water covers the ramen. Cook everything together until ramen is tender and water boils.

6.Remove from heat and serve while hot. Add hoisin or soy sauce to taste. Keeps three to five days when refrigerated.