By June Cooper

This soup is based on a Taste of Home recipe meant for seafood, but works well with pasta as well.
The Soup:
Olive Oil
Half Small yellow onion
Half small green pepper
1 garlic clove Tomato Sauce Can
Diced Tomatoes Can(undrained)
¼ Lemon
¾ cup white cooking wine
¼ teaspoon pepper
Cut onion and green peppers together and set aside to add in to your saucepan when you begin cooking with oil. Carrots and garlic can be cut and together before adding to the pan. Have a medium bowl hold the tomato sauce, tomatoes, wine and seasonings so they can easily be added to the recipe. In large saucepan bring olive oil to medium heat, mix in onion and green pepper and stir occasionally until onions are tender. Once onions begin to look transparent add carrots and garlic, cook for three minutes. Stir in bowl of tomato sauce, tomatoes, wine and seasonings-bringing the dish to a boil. Stir occasionally until the soup is boiling-reduce to medium heat and let simmer covered for 30 minutes.
Add precooked seafood and allow to simmer until seafood is brought to temp, squeeze in lemon juice. Can be cooked with Cajun powder for extra spice.
Make your own pasta
2 cups All purpose flour
3 eggs
Rolling pin
This is a fantastic and easy recipe that can feed 3, and can be a fun team effort.
On a clean flat area pour your flour into a tight compact mound. Shape a whole into the middle and outwards until you make your own bowl in the flour. Crack open the eggs and add them directly to the center of your flour. Mend and mix the flour and eggs carefully together until completely mixed.
Once dough mixture is thoroughly mixed shape it into a ball and wrap it in cling wrap for it to set out 30 minutes on a counter. You can place in fridge if setting for longer, let it get to room temp before moving on.
Roll the ball flat using the roller and palms of your hands. Flatten the dough evenly until it’s around a 1/4than inch. Cut desired shape from dough. Boil in water until fully cooked.
Add to soup or desired sauce.