The Digital Literature Review is back, and we are eager to receive your submissions for our upcoming issue on Monsters! Last year, we researched freak shows and other forms of human exhibits in our society and culture as a whole.

This year, in preparation, we’ve been reading a wide variety of articles and narratives about both monster’s themselves and what it means to be a monster. Some of our texts have included Dracula by Bram Stoker, Monster Verse by Tony Barnstone and Michelle Mitchell-Foust, and articles on monster theory by authors like Kelly Hurley, Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, and Sigmund Freud.

We are redesigning our Facebook , Twitter, and blog to fit this year’s theme. Feel free to explore all of these pages to see all of our new posts focusing on monsters and their societal and culture significance.

If you’re an undergraduate interested in our research, look over our call for papers and submit your related work to our journal. If you’d rather not write an essay, you can submit a shorter post for possible publication here on our blog. Email us at with any submissions or questions.

We’re very excited to delve deeper into this topic, and we hope you enjoy the content we post as we work to expand the conversation surrounding monsters.