It is with a bittersweet sense of accomplishment that we announce the conclusion of the Digital Literature Review’s inaugural year. Since this team assembled for the first time in August 2013, we have thoroughly enjoyed not only our personal explorations into ghosts but also the encouraging conversations and interactions that we have had with our followers via Facebook, Twitter, and our blog. For the duration of the summer, we will not generate any original content for any of these sites. Instead, we will use this time to feature the outstanding articles that were published in our first issue.

We would like to thank everyone for their support in the past year. From those who offered advice on how to create our journal, to those that attended our launch gala, to those that have taken a peek at our published issue—even those of you that have simply clicked “like” or “follow” on our pages—we genuinely appreciate you all.

Historical Hauntings and Modern-Day Manifestations has come to an end but it is certainly not the end of DLR. We encourage you to keep up with the journal as it transitions into its second year with a new team and a new theme: Slavery Now.


the 2013-2014 Digital Literature Review team