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  • Media Education Connection with Union City KISS TV

    TCOM487 offers students a variety of opportunities to hone their skills while working on specific topics throughout the semester. This course also offers an emphasis on creating media for external distribution. The seminar may emphasize one particular technology, such as audio, video, multimedia, or a combination, depending on the project.  * * * The Ball […]

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  • Garrett Wright Visits Sports Link

    Producer, Director, and Storyteller from the Big Ten Network visits Ball State’s Sports Link to speak in front of Digital Sports Production students. As a member of Ball State’s Sports Link program, I have had the opportunity to learn from coaches of several different sports, broadcasters from multiple stations across the country, and speak with […]

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  • Meet Our Faculty: Dr. Maria Williams-Hawkins

    Meet Dr. Maria Williams-Hawkins, Associate Professor in our Telecommunications department. In this blog post, Dr. Maria — as her students call her — takes a walk down memory lane and pens an inspiring essay on the journey that led her to become the teacher that she is today. *** Aphorisms, mantras and a few good […]

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