CAPtober is a new spin on the daily drawing challenge “INKtober.” This month-long event will serve as a unique opportunity for ALL CAP students to create a quick 5 to 10 minute sketch each day that will be displayed in the (no judgement zone) pin-up space in the atrium of the CAP building.

Active participants will be able to compile their new collection of sketches into a sketchbook at the bookbinding event at the end of the month AND those who complete the daily drawing challenge will be eligible to win a PRIZE!

It doesn’t matter what your skills are, the challenge is a way to become more confident in creating quick, loose, gestural drawings. The more you sketch the more comfortable you become and the better you get at it.




  • Your paper size should be 8.5″ x 5.5″ (half of an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, CAP office (AB 104) will provide paper if you need it).
  • Sketches to be handed into the CAP (AB 104) or CMID (AT 151) offices by 5:00pm each day.
  • Weekend sketches (Sat. & Sun.) will be turned in with Monday’s sketch at 5:00pm.
    (total of 3 on Monday)
  • 5 to 10 minute pen and ink or pencil sketches ONLY.
  • Put your last name_first name_date on the back of your sketch.  example: Smith_Audrey_01
  • Every Monday and Friday will be new design prompts of topics to sketch. You’ll sketch that topic each day until the next prompt is given. Try to think of different ways to interpret the topic for each sketch.

NOTE: We know field trip week is coming up and many of you are not on campus, you can upload your sketches to a OneDrive folder. Make sure you name your files with last name_first name_date. If you are on campus please drop you sketches off in the designated offices each day.

Upload files here CAPtober


OCT 1&2 (SAT. & SUN.)Botanical
Here’s the first sketch prompt for the challenge. Try to think of different interpretations of the prompt for each sketch. 

OCT 3 (M) – Campus Statue (sketch this until the next prompt comes)

OCT 7 (F) – Mechanical workings (sketch this until the next prompt comes, try to think of different interpretations for each sketch.)

OCT 10 (M) – Interior of a building

OCT 14 (F) – Exterior of a building

OCT 17 (M) – Water Feature

OCT 21 (F) – Food

OCT 24 (M) -Drawing Supplies

OCT 28 (F) – Halloween

OCT 31 (M) – City Plan


For more information contact