Designing amidst a global pandemic requires an extra dose of something we are all familiar with: creativity. As a recent graduate, I could have never predicted the circumstances in which I would be entering the workforce. Now, a year into my career as an interior designer, I have learned to greatly appreciate the value of a creative mind.
The interior design industry is heavily driven and ultimately dependent on securing clients to design for. It is important to recognize that every client enters the design process with expectations, and that identifying these can be an important part of overall customer satisfaction.

Working within residential new construction, a common expectation our clients have is to exit our process with their dream home. Now facing an extended period of price increases and material shortages, it takes creativity to make these dreams a reality. To achieve this sometimes ambitious goal, it is vital to design efficiently, affordably, and to value engineer whenever possible. As a design build firm, we follow the idea that a design is only as valuable as the price attached to it. To reach as many clients as possible, the design must be both affordable and accessible. So as you design, here’s my challenge to you: in an environment filled with obstacles and instability, how can you creatively transform your design from a concept to an attainable solution that effectively meets the expectations of your client?

By Megan Draper, ‘20
Architectural and Interior Designer
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