This is a series of images that I consider sketches or prompts for future work and that I explore through materiality and making. I have done drawings with sewing machines and diagrams with block prints. In 2020, I developed this idea into an elective ‘G A P S’ that explored the generative act of architecture through the lens of craft. Lectures, shared critique, and structured studies using ink drawings and block prints reconsidered line, color, and pattern. Investigations took positions on technique, authorship, as well as translations between drawing and imaging, technology and craft, aesthetics and information – not necessarily in opposition but in dialogue. I have continued the work by moving in and out of digital space, carving but also laser etching blocks, and printing by hand and with letter press (thanks to Tribune Showprint).

By Janice Shimizu
Director of Graduate Program in Architecture and Assistant Professor



Students work from the class.