CAP Alumni, are you interested in participating in a World Tour? Now’s your chance, Rod Underwood is organizing a tour for Spring of 2023.

The “tour” is open to all CAP alumni and their significant others including children.
(Note: these trips are not through Ball State they are independent of the university)

You may take advantage of the entire tour, or any part of the tour.

At almost every stop, there will be a “professional” guided tour, usually on a bus, and then you will have an additional walking tour led by Rod. There would be significant “free” time for you to explore and execute your own agenda. Rod can also advise you where most of the big markets are located in most places. Safety is always important, you will need to make sure you are NEVER alone. It is suggest there be at least three adults in a group in case of an accident/emergency, one person could stay with you while the other goes for help.

The hotels will be “Nice” hotels (3 or 4 stars, no 5 star), clean and close to the center of life. There are room cost break-downs for single and double rooms. Triples are an option, you will need to let Rod Underwood and Contemporary Tours know  so they can see what the options are at each location. It will likely not be a significant cost difference, but every little bit helps.

Walking, Walking, Walking
Much of World Tour is a walking tour, with a number of miles each day, so do consider if you are up to that.


There will be five consecutive segments. Each segment is limited to 30 people (bus capacity).

These costs do NOT include the initial flight to the segment you choose or the final flight home. Since everyone is coming from different locations that portion of the travel is up to you to schedule and is NOT included in the registration. All trasportation within the trip is INCLUDED and between segments (if you are attending multiple consecutive segments). Tips/gratuities for ALL services are INCLUDED in the registration. Also, you should note that several group meals are INCLUDED in each place, marked by a (D) in the itinerary.
NOTE: the current registration cost is based on 16 people attending, if more attend, the rates will be lower.

Deadline to register will depend on which segment you would like to travel. We will try to post drop dead dates for each segment as soon as possible.

SEGMENT 1  (JAN 5 to JAN 26, 2023) – Portugal, Spain, France, Italy

 ItineraryRegistration  NOT AVAILABLE

SEGMENT 2 (FEB 9 to MAR 7, 2021) –  Greece, Turkey, Egypt, UAE, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Cambodia, and Vietnam


SEGMENT 3 (MAR 8 to MAR 28, 2023) –  Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Poland, Hungry, Austria, and CZ Republic

Itinerary Registration

SEGMENT 4 (MAR 29 to APR 17, 2023) – Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, London, Edinburgh, Belfast, and Dublin.


One of the biggest expenses is obviously air transportation to and from the segments, so combining consecutive segments is economically a good idea. In terms of joining us, since you are located all over the World, we might identify some limited number of points of departure and arrival for the tour, with it being your responsibility to get to these common points and providing me with some limited points to pick you up or make arrangements for you.

These tour itineraries within specific cities will likely be influenced by the location of our hotels in each location. Walking tours have to start somewhere and that sets the agenda for each day we are on our own.

There will be more information to those that have signed up about… passports, Visas, medications, phone services, luggage and clothing – packing, cameras, electrical plug considerations, money exchange, and security precautions in general.

Don’t hesitate to contact Rod Underwood if you have any questions or comments.  or  1-765-730-2301

For truth in advertising, this is NOT a money-making venture for me, and this is not a trip supported by the university. The tour group, who makes the reservations, of course, would not be doing it out of the goodness of their hearts, but I would get nothing, except in some cases, complimentary room, or some complimentary transportation as the organizer, which IS something. I would attempt to get gratuities for guides, hotels staff, etc. included in the “fees”. You, of course, can add anything you want beyond that. I would inform you of my success and where that works and where it doesn’t. It would NOT be all inclusive, but I would anticipate, as in the past, that much of these things would be included.