Fifth Street, Columbus, Indiana – Student Exhibition

Over the years, Columbus, Indiana has undergone a transformation from an ordinary Midwestern city to a world-renowned Midwestern Modernist Must-see. Although the entire City of Columbus is overflowing with architectural riches, one street in particular ­– 5th Street – is so saturated with great works that is was dubbed “The Avenue of the Architects” by Gunnar Birkerts. This particular street features two national Historic Landmarks, works by multiple Pritzker Prize laureates, and structures designed by Modern architecture legends such as Eliel Saarinen and Harry Weese. The metamorphosis leading to the creation of the Avenue of the Architects has involved a long-term, sustained effort from the whole community.

An exhibition was designed and produced by undergraduate students studying architecture and historic preservation. Through an immersive learning seminar, students developed an understanding of the methods and applications of historic site interpretation, and produced a large exhibition for the public detailing the architectural wonders of the Avenue of Architects in Columbus. Taught by Dr. Kristin Barry, the seminar is an ongoing commitment to the city of Columbus to celebrate its history of architectural heritage and continued commitment to the education of future designers.

The exhibiton officially opened at the Columbus Area Visitors Center on July 1, 2020. Visit the center to enjoy the entire exhibit.

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