Connor Mullins, B.Arch 2020, found a way to negotiate pandemic-era job uncertainties: He’s operating a freelance business, Capture LLC, that provides architectural design and visualization services. Based in Muncie, he works remotely with clients and hopes to relocate soon.

We checked in with him after watching his thesis video (below) which we wanted to share with our ECAP audience.

Here’s how Mullins describes his work:

“When the interaction between engineering and architecture is analyzed in greater depth, there is the potential to find a sustainable harmony between environmental responsiveness and the structural system design. This thesis is led by the question: How can the exploration of innovative structural technology and detailing improve an architectural response to environmental concerns?

The relationship between structural technology and sustainability will be explored through a Space and Flight Museum located in Indianapolis. With this museum design, the efficiency of a tensile structure will connect with the efficiency of design in the aeronautical industry. This architecture is aimed at developing intrigue about the functionality of the building’s structural system while simultaneously developing a system that can be considered environmentally responsive. Sustainable ideas will be manifested at the detail level and will be exposed for the user to learn and experience.

With these principles guiding design decisions, the museum embodies a progressive architectural concept that redefines the capabilities of structural technology. The project invites visitors to not only experience the story of flight and space exploration, but also to study the how sustainability can be merged with structural design.”