Did you know that you can make a repeating writing center appointment where you meet each week on the same day and time with the same tutor?

This is a great option for anyone who

  • is working on a big writing project,
  • is in a course with several writing assignments, or
  • struggles with procrastination.

Benefits of a repeating appointment:

  • Set it and forget it: When you have a regular appointment, you don’t have to worry about logging in and finding an appointment because your appointments are set for the semester.
  • Motivation for weekly progress: When you know you’ll be meeting with your tutor, you’ll be motivated to make some progress on your writing task(s).
  • Familiarity: Working with the same person each week means that your tutor understands your writing project well, so you can make solid progress towards your goals.
  • Flexibility: if you need to cancel one week, you can do so without losing your regular spot.

To make a repeating appointment

  1. You log in to our appointment webpage here.
  2. Pick the schedule you want (RB 295 for weekday appointments or Bracken Library for evening/weekend appointments).
  3. White boxes indicate open appointments. Click on the one that you want.
  4. On the appointment form, select “Show Repeat Options” and select weekly.
  5. Complete your information and receive an email confirmation. That’s it!

If you want help with making an appointment, reach out to us at writing@bsu.edu or 765-285-8370. We look forward to helping you reach your writing goals this semester!