The Civic Renewal through Education for Agency, Tolerance, and Engagement (CREATE) is an innovative approach to instruction, student learning and professional development in civics, that integrates American history, geography, government, and media literacy.

In cooperation with Muncie Community Schools (MCS), Ball State developed CREATE as an innovative approach to instruction, student learning, and professional development in civics that will integrate American history, geography, government, and media literacy.

CREATE seeks to cultivate a community of educators, administrators, and those with similar concerns, and will provide opportunities through a series of monthly workshops designed to equip educators with curricular resources, pedagogical strategies, and relational tools to help teachers guide inclusive, respectful discussions about fundamental civics and historical subjects—both in and outside the classroom.

CREATE May 2023 Newsletter

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Hyperlinks from the Newsletter

Professional Development Calendar

To qualify for PD funds, we ask that teachers complete a brief registration form prior to the event and a brief survey following the event.

FOCUS on Classroom Resources

  • The Resources for Educators tab on the CREATE website currently offers lessons and activities for Elementary, Middle, and High School teachers.

iCivics Topic Examples:

iCivics also offers teachers a wide variety of online PD opportunities, including readings, recorded presentations, and webinars. Examples include Civic Leadership: Building a Community One Step at a Time, Cut through the Noise: Teaching Students Media Literacy, Teaching with Primary Sources, Teaching Civic Education as a Matter of National Security, and Your Roadmap for Teaching Controversial Issues.

Feel free to contact CREATE with any questions or comments you have.