Thirty-three of the 200 high-achieving high school and college students who were awarded a Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education will be attending Ball State University in the fall.

The next Ball State winner we are highlighting is Emma Johnson.

Emma Johnson PretzelName:

Emma Johnson (She/Her)


Muncie, Indiana

High School:

Cowan High School

HS Graduation Date:

June 3, 2022

Did you participate in any extracurricular activities in high school?

Yes, I was involved in student council, Key Club, National Honors Society, basketball, and volleyball. I also worked two different jobs.

What are you planning on studying at Ball State?

I plan to major in Elementary Education.

Emma Johnson SnowWhat makes you want to become an educator/teacher?

Each teacher I had made an impact on me. They made me feel special and heard. They helped me learn and grow as a person. I want to be able to do the same for kids in the future.

What made you choose Ball State?

Ball State has an outstanding Teachers College that I have heard great things about. My mother attended Ball State and got a teaching degree. When I told her that I wanted to teach, she told me that Ball State was the place to go.

When you think about heading to college in the fall, is there something you are most excited about/looking forward to?

I am most excited about furthering my education and working towards my end goals.

Do you have any hobbies? If so, what?

I love to play basketball. I plan to play at the recreational center with my friends. I also love movies, specifically scary ones.

Fun fact about yourself:

Weird, but fun, fact is that I have a cat that was electrocuted twice.

Congratulations Emma!