Wilfridah Mucherah in Kenya handing out supplies.

DESK Fundraising Frenzy Week: Monday, April 11th through Friday, April 15th at 12 pm, donations made to Delivering Educational Support to Kenya (DESK) can be used to vote for a professor ($1 = 1 vote). At the end of the week, the professor with the most votes (donations toward their name) will have to participate in egg roulette. This will be livestreamed and recorded on DESK Facebook and Instagram with a location TBD.

Who can I vote for? 

Desk Fundraiser

What is egg roulette?  

The “winning” professor is given a carton of eggs containing 12 eggs. They will have to randomly choose six of those eggs to smash on their head. The twist? Some eggs are hard boiled while the others are raw!

Student in Kenya

How to Vote:

Online: Go to https://go.rallyup.com/desk/Campaign/Details and make a donation for any amount. When doing so, you will be prompted to enter the name of the professor you would like your donation to go to. Donations not directed at a specific professor will be split evenly among participants.

Offline: You can pledge a cash donation in the Educational Psychology office (5th floor of Teachers College). There will be one jar per professor. Cash corresponding to your pledge should be given directly to Dr. Winnie Mucherah by 4/29.


The top donating professor and TWO top donating students get the chance to smash one egg on the professor with the most votes.

Donations are used to buy school uniforms and school supplies for Kenyan Students. Follow DESK on social media to learn more, stay updated on who is winning, and watch a professor get egged!