The Ball State University Foundation Top 100 Student Awards recognizes 100 outstanding junior and senior undergraduates at Ball State University who represent Beneficence both in and out of the classroom. We are thrilled to highlight the winners from Teachers College.


Michelle Boice-Donis is a senior from Geneva, Indiana. She is studying Applied Behavior Analysis, with a minor in Psychology of Human Development and Infant Toddler Specialization. Michelle enjoys learning and being in a learning environment, which drew her to study education. She loves that each day would be something new, and that she will be serving the community.

Although she is an online student now, as a freshman, Michelle was involved in the Latinx Student Union, which she loved. She was able to meet a lot of people and made life-long friendships.


Michelle is expecting to graduate in July 2022. Although she doesn’t have any set plans for what comes afterwards, she is looking forward to working with children in some capacity.

Michelle Boice-Donis with boyfriend


In her spare time, Michelle loves to play tennis, watch movies (especially romance movies), and work out. She is currently learning Spanish, both because her boyfriend speaks Spanish, and because she hopes to visit Guatemala one day, since she is half-Guatemalan.

Congratulations Michelle!