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Dr. Sherwood Smith, winner of the Teachers College Outstanding Alumni Award, earned an EdD in Adult and Community Education from Teachers College in 1996. Originally from New Jersey, Dr. Smith earned a bachelor’s degree in Zoology, and a master’s degree in Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching from Washington State University.

Multicultural Educator

When Dr. Smith studied zoology as an undergrad, he was drawn to look at the ways in which certain environments negatively impact species. He was especially intrigued by the ways in which certain species were systematically discriminated against, something that is reflected in the path his career has taken.

Sherwood Smith Travel

His love for travel led him to work for a time in Antarctica, with the Peace Corps in Tanzania, and to Kenya as an Academic Director for the School for International Training. Traveling overseas helped give him an outside perspective on the issues that are uniquely faced in the United States.

Working with students has been a large part of his life, with experience in student affairs administration at Washington State University, Cornell University and Penn State University as the Assistant Director for Residence Life.

University of Vermont

Dr. Smith arrived at the University of Vermont in 1995 for a Doctoral Fellowship. He would go on to serve as the Assistant Director of the Asian-American, Latino, African-American & Native American (ALANA) Student Center, and Director of the Race and Culture Course.

He currently serves as the Senior Executive Director for the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, as the Director of the Center for Cultural Pluralism, and a Lecturer under the Department of Leadership and Developmental Sciences.

Sherwood Smith SpeakerHis work involves professional development training for faculty and staff, conducting research and teaching graduate courses in Educational Foundations and undergraduate courses in Human Development & Family Studies.

Dr. Amer F. Ahmed, the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the University of Vermont speaks highly of Dr. Smith and his work at the university.

“I have known Dr. Sherwood Smith for over 15 years as a colleague, friend, and mentor. I know have the distinct honor of working directly with him at University of Vermont and am incredibly thankful for his wisdom, knowledge, and expertise as we work together to advance DEI strategy together at our institution. Dr. Smith is trustworthy, honorable, and honest in his enactment of our important work.” -Dr. Ahmed

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Dedication and Awards

Dr. Sherwood’s concerns for culture and social justice led him to be a co-founder of CQ Strategies, LLC, a Vermont-based training collective committed to justice, equity, cultural proficiency, and social justice work with local and regional organizations.

In addition to this Teachers College Outstanding Alumni Award, Dr. Sherwood was recently honored with the John D. O’Bryant National Think Tank (JDOTT) Black Professionals in Higher Education Vision Award. He also recently began a two-year term as the Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE).

Sherwood Smith Award

In addition to a love of travel, in his spare time Dr. Smith enjoys cooking, bicycling, fencing, and is an amateur herpetologist.

Congratulations Dr. Sherwood Smith!