In 2010, graduate students in the Department of Educational Psychology at Ball State University came together with a common cause: give the gift of education to as many children as they can. For over 10 years, the student-led non-profit organization Delivering Education Supplies to Kenya (DESK) has been fundraising with faculty advisor, and Educational Psychology Professor, Dr. Wilfridah (Winnie) Mucherah, to buy school uniforms and school supplies for students at the Shivembe Primary School in Kenya.

In villages in Kenya, students are required to buy uniforms at $35 each in order to go to school, but since workers typically only bring home $1 a day, families can often not afford them. DESK aims to alleviate that financial stress for families by buying as many uniforms as possible to send students to get an education. Additionally, they collect donated school supplies such as notebooks and pencils to go to the students as well.

Kenya School

Giving Back

Wilfridah Mucherah

Wilfridah Mucherah, Professor of Educational Psychology in the Teachers College, and faculty advisor of DESK.

Dr. Mucherah, originally from Kenya, earned her bachelor’s degree in Education, Language, and Philosophy of Religious Studies from Kenyatta University, in Nairobi, Kenya, before going on to earn her master’s degree and PhD from University of Maryland at College Park. She credits her father for reinforcing in her the importance of education and giving back to the community, when years ago he donated the land that the Shivembe Primary School sits on.

Dr. Mucherah, driven to give back to that same community, donated 40 school uniforms to the Shivembe Primary School in 2005. Each year since then she has worked to increase that number, and with the help of the graduate students in DESK, last year they were able to donate 267 school uniforms, in addition to school supplies, and reusable sanitary pads.

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You Can Help

DESK is currently holding a fundraiser and you can help give a child a year of education for just $35. Any amount is welcome, and 100% of your donations go towards buying school uniforms and school supplies for students at the Shivembe Primary School in Kenya.

For more information, including a donation link, and links to the DESK social media, visit the DESK Link Tree.

Kenya School

Keep an eye on the DESK social media for more information about upcoming events and additionally opportunities to donate, including their annual DESK calendars, which will soon be available for purchase for $20!