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  • Meet Your Advisor - #MeetAndGreet

    Meet Your Advisor: Alicia Ganion

    Hi everyone! My name is Alicia Ganion, and I am currently a Student Success Specialist for Ball State Online. I currently advise for graduate certificates in sustainability and gifted and talented education. Additionally, I recruit for several graduate programs within the Teachers College and the master’s in athletic coaching education. While I have only been […]

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  • Image is of student success specialist

    What You Need to Know Before You Hit ‘Apply’

    You know you’re ready to take the next step toward achieving your goals, which involves continuing your education. But, before you hit “apply,” do you know what else you should consider? Reach out to your program student success specialist or advisor to discuss the following three items more in-depth. 1.   Program Options It can be overwhelming looking […]

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  • Study Tips for Students New to Online

    If you’re brand new to online classes, or even if you’re back after a brief pause in your education, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to studying at your own pace.  Nothing a few useful tips and planning can’t overcome! These are some of the top tips I give to the students I […]

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