Ball State Honors College junior, Martin Spink, is the recipient of a Fall 2022 Honors College LIFT Award. Faculty members nominate students that “lift” others in class discussions. Dr. Mark Hartman recognized Spink for his participation in Hartman’s fall Honors 202 class. Spink is an Urban Planning and Development major in the Honors College.

According to Spink, the LIFT Award represents students who bring positive attitudes and new perspectives to the classroom. Nominations are typically left to the instructor, but Spink’s case was a bit different. Spink says that his class took an anonymous poll for the award. He says, “It made my semester to know that my classmates appreciated my contributions to the course.”

Spink is also a minor in Social and Environmental Justice. He believes his experience in the Honors humanities sequence has helped both his major and minor education. Of the sequence, he says, “Taking my honors humanities sequence with Dr. Hartman has been one of my best experiences here at Ball State. Dr. Hartman’s teaching style brings his students together and pushes them to succeed.”

Spink has not only received an excellent learning experience in the Honors College, but he has also received the Honors LIFT Award to help further his education. Each of the eight awardees receives a special LIFT Award frisbee and a $500 scholarship toward spring semester expenses. Congratulations to

Martin Spink, Jared Brown, Rachel McCullough, Wren Mills, Angie Trusock, Sam Vance, Rheanna Walther, and Brooke Wright for their exceptional “lifts”! You can learn more about award-winner Spink on his LinkedIn profile.