Dr. Alexander Kaufman

Christmastime Texts

Dr. Alexander Kaufman, Reed D. Voran Distinguished Professor of Honors Humanities and
Professor of English held his lecture on November 8th, 2022. As a part of the In this lecture, he shared
his passion for Robinhood, whom he’d been studying for 20 years. Interested by a passionate professor;
Dr. Kaufman has loved the Robin Hood tradition for years and has searched for undiscovered connections
and intricacies between medieval themes. Robinhood tells the story of violence, revolt, and upheaval in
the 15th century, and plays a large role in the pantomime experience in England. The lecture is shaped
around how an influential story, Babes in the Wood, is integrated into stories of Robin Hood in Christmastime.

Babes in the Wood

Babes in the Wood is an influential story that shaped many tales in the 17th century-challenging
many social norms and opening new themes across literature.

Pantomime Tradition

In England, Pantomime was a large family affair, as many could afford their shows. Whereas
most families couldn’t afford books or poems, a large audience could afford to attend a show. The
Pantomime tradition was one that could entertain the whole family, with comedy for adults and kids;
much like Disney today.

Robinhood in Winter

Throughout most texts, Robin Hood takes place in the sunny forests in springtime, but there is a
whole other world of Robin Hood set during Christmas time. These texts are poems, short stories, comic
books, or works of art.

~This lecture is a part of Dr. Kaufman’s upcoming research book to be sent to the press next December. If
this topic interests you, Freshman and Sophomores can join the Student Scholars program and assist in the research process~