About Jonathan Isbill

Jonathan Isbill

As a 21st Century scholar, I naturally found Nutrition and Dietetics at Ball State University with a warm welcome visit. Within my first year on campus, my life was changed in opportunities given to me by the Honors College, such as sponsored research with Dr. Jay Kandiah who had been preparing for CAM research herself. It seemed too good to be true, but it was true, indeed. Many more opportunities with each semester of my wonderful time at BSU, from the Honors sequence with Jason Powell, to another mentor sparked through HONR 298 with Dr. Khubchandani. I was blessed with countless mentors and encouraging relationships, from my Nutrition faculty, the Honors College leaders, and my campus ministry, The Revolution.

I cannot speak more highly of Drs. Emert and Stedman and the whole campus, including President Mearns and his staff to rally a university and community, better together. As an update to life after BSU, I recently graduated with a Master’s in Nutrition & Dietetics and passed my board exam to (finally) become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in late 2019.

Nowadays, you can find me working with our Indiana State Dept. of Health and Whole Kids Foundation with a Healthy Teacher Program, collaborating with many public health organizations throughout the state and sparking valuable conversations for new avenues for food as medicine. In the background, I provide personal consults (like helping to reverse my uncle’s Type II Diabetes), build online health courses, and am in the process of building my private practice small business. I believe education leads to empowerment and I’m willing to bet my career on educating others to help them live happier, healthier lives.

Why did you get involved in the Honors College?

Opportunities for scholarship, dynamic classroom discussions, personal growth, research, and to push myself in new directions.

What were your most memorable Honors experiences and classes? 

Honors Fellowship Research with Dr. Jay Kandiah, Dr. Jagdish Khubchandani, dynamic and life changing perspectives and discussions in Dr. Jason Powell’s classrooms with his famous stool taking center stage.

Twice runner-up for Fulbright Scholarships (thank you, Barb!)

Probably so many more things I’m forgetting!

What was your job right after graduating?

Taking a position with ISDH for Healthy Teacher Program instructor.

What is your job now? 

Taking a position with ISDH for Healthy Teacher Program instructor, as well as private practice, online courses, and personal pursuits of entrepreneurship.

How did being in the Honors College impact you personally and professionally after graduation?

The critical thought analysis and insight gained through my honors courses are remarkable catalysts to an individual’s personal growth and identity.

Without the opportunities given to me through my honors growth and connections, academic and extracurricular, I wouldn’t be where I am today. My personality, professionalism, my exposure to excellence, rigor, and quality relationships all stand as notable empowerment pieces for my life.


If you’re interested in learning more about Jonathan, you can find his work in a variety of places. His personal portfolio includes an exploratory study about the use of ethnic spices by adults in the United States, an editorial about nutrition education for sustainable global food systems, and a school nutrition spotlight. You can check out Jonathan’s writing at Medium. You can connect with Jonathan on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter