Get to know our Foundation Volunteer Leaders! Each month, the Foundation will be featuring its esteemed Board and Alumni Council members for you to get to know a little bit better. Below are some fun facts as well as a peek into what each of these board members do in their professional careers.


Doug Miltenberger (Alumni Council 2019-Present)

Doug Miltenberger has served on the Ball State University Alumni Council since 2019. He has found the connections he has made with alumni, students, and staff to be rewarding. Doug has enjoyed giving back to the university and giving a voice to its alumni. He serves as a Regional Manager for Huntington Private Bank focused on wealth management, financial planning, and banking services to high net-worth individuals and families.

Doug currently resides in Indiana. However, if he could live anywhere, it would be in a beach town—just beaches and sunny skies. In his free time, Doug spends time with his family and enjoys cycling to stay in shape. Doug recommends “Greenlights” by Matthew McConaughey and “Decision Points” by George W. Bush to read.


Charley Barth (Foundation Board 2023-Present) 

Charley Barth is a Ball State graduate and one of our newest Board members. Charley started his career on Capitol Hill. He then went on to spend the next 20 years as an Information Security professional with the Federal government and is now currently at Cummins as an Information Governance professional. Volunteering with the Ball State Foundation has allowed Charley to learn about all the departments and what incredible things they are carrying out, as well as the diverse, talented students making a difference in the world.

If Charley could live anywhere, he would split his time between Charlevoix, Michigan in the summer and the German Alps in the winter. Whether it be sports or theatre, he loves being involved with his children and their passions. The Bible is a book that Charley recommends, because any book that discusses sharing, loving, and philanthropy will lead to an enriched life.


Jim Schrecongost (Foundation Board 1987-2002)

Jim Schrecongost holds a bachelor’s in business affairs and a master’s in finance from Ball State. He proudly served on the Foundation Board from 1987 – 2002. During his service he watched the board grow and change from a small local dominated board to a larger diverse board, witnessing and planting the seeds for future growth and expansion of the board. Jim is elated to see how things have changed since his time and is grateful for all the engagement opportunities that are provided by the Foundation.

Retired now, Jim has a vast background in finance and banking. Serving on multiple boards, Jim lived in several places before coming home to Muncie. His dream place is still Florida; the climate, seasons, and heat make it the perfect place to live. Golfing paid for Jim’s college education here at BSU and he continues to be an avid golfer. He was inducted into the Ball State University Athletic Hall of Fame in 1968 and held the lowest score round record for almost 40 years.

A book that Jim recommends is the Bible, as his has gotten him through many trying times.