Get to know our board members! Each month, the Foundation will be featuring three of its esteemed board members for you to get to know a little bit better. Below are some fun facts as well as a peek into what each of these board members do in their professional careers.

Richard Marshall (1997-2007)

Richard “Dick” Marshall served on the Foundation Board for 30 years, including multiple years as the 4th Chair of the Foundation from 1997-2000. His favorite thing about serving on the Board was having the opportunity to work with so many outstanding people who were also committed to helping Ball State carry out its mission. Although now retired, Dick had a long career in the legal field spanning 53 years. He worked as a legal officer on the staff of the Navy Judge Advocate General at the Pentagon and then later opened a private practice that specialized in estate planning.

Dick and his wife, Liz, feel fortunate to have been able to live in several different places in the States and have traveled extensively. However, when asked where they would move if they could move anywhere in the world, Dick stated that Muncie is their dream location. They greatly enjoy the community and participating in all of the Ball State activities on campus. Dick noted that his perfect day would be taking Liz and his grandkids for a ride in one of his prized antique cars and stopping for ice cream on the way home.

Marla Templeton (2014-Present)

Marla is a long-time supporter of Ball State though giving of her time, talents, and treasure. Her favorite thing about volunteering at the Foundation is getting to work with incredible individuals both on the Foundation team and the Board of Directors. She believes the work that these individuals are doing to support current students is remarkable. Although now retired, during her career Marla was a member and owner at Whitinger & Company LLC in Muncie as a CPA.

Marla stated that her dream living location would be anywhere within a couple hours of her grandchildren. Although Marla loves to travel, her perfect day includes spending it with her four grandchildren. Her grandsons are 14 & 10, and her granddaughters are 5½ and 16 months old.

Kyle Williams (2020-Present)

Kyle joined the Foundation Board in 2020 due to his sense of pride in his alma mater which has remained a constant in his life since graduating in 2000. Kyle loves volunteering at the Foundation as he enjoys having the opportunity to try to have a positive impact on the future of Ball State students. Ball State gave him the foundation to a productive career post-graduation and he believes it is now his turn to carry the torch to assist current students on their path. Presently, Kyle is a Regional Sales Manager at Sebia Inc., which is a diagnostic laboratory equipment manufacturer based out of Paris, France.

If Kyle could live anywhere in the world, he would pick Paris. He has never been, but he has heard about its beauty and how it would be a romantic place to live with his wife. Kyle is also a foodie and would love to taste-test everything the city had to offer. His perfect day would start with a workout and then he would host friends and family at his home on a beautiful Indiana day. He would love to have grilled food for this event, however, he noted that he would not be the one doing the grilling!