Last year, Ball State made history by raising over $1 million in funds for various organizations, colleges, and scholarships across campus. So many people, from current professors and students to our global alumni and supporters, donated to help the university and its students succeed in the years to come. This effort could not have been possible without the help of our 446 ambassadors who paved the way for their specific philanthropic causes and funds. Ambassadors raised over $160,000, a $40,000 increase from 2021.

Past Success Stories

Tammy Estep, the Senior Director of External Relations for the Miller College of Business at Ball State, was the lead ambassador last year for her college. As the lead ambassador, Tammy helped coordinate the college’s efforts for One Ball State Day. She was inspired to be an ambassador because of her time as a student and her incredible experiences here. “[Ball State] gave me a terrific foundation to build on and provided many ways to gain experience. I was able to establish a great relationship with my professors, specifically in the entrepreneurship program and in my management classes.” For Tammy, Ball State is a huge part of her life and she “bleeds Cardinal Red” due to her over 40 years of involvement with the campus, whether that be as a student or in her current role as a Senior Director of External Relations.

Although Tammy was an ambassador for the Miller College of Business, she also raised funds for the college general fund, which supports alumni & student events like Dialogue Days during Homecoming week. Through this opportunity brings alumni to campus to share their expertise and professional experiences with students, allowing them to network and get to know Ball State alumni. To her, these are the two most fun days of the year! Additionally, she is partial to the SOAR program, which stands for Success, Opportunity, Acumen, and Readiness. This program has the goal of helping students establish their professional identity and learn how to promote themselves as ideal candidates when they enter the job field. Through this program, students receive a mentor who is typically an alumnus that is involved in the student’s desired field.

Overall, Tammy greatly enjoyed participating as an ambassador for the Miller College of Business and loved seeing the enthusiasm and gratefulness of the students being supported by these donations. For Tammy, paying it forward is incredibly important. “I give back because of the good experiences I have had as a student, and I get to see firsthand the faculty’s enthusiasm for teaching and the enthusiasm of the alumni who generously give back their time and talent to the university. It really is a winning combination in my book.” This year, Tammy hopes that more will people give back to Ball State, which means these people have had good experiences with BSU and believe in the mission of this university. She also is excited to be able to continue to give students the programs and experiences that they learn so much from through the One Ball State Day donations.

Last year, Casey Stanley, the current President of Boyce Systems, was a first-time ambassador for Ball State. Although not a Ball State alumnus, Casey is a community member who is passionate about what Ball State is doing and how he can support student-athletes in their studies and on the field. “My motivation and passion for supporting Ball State lies around growing up in this community. I got to experience Ball State as a community member and have witnessed the importance and impact of this campus on not only students’ lives but also the surrounding community.” 

Casey participated as a Cardinal Varsity Club (CVC) member, an organization that strives to invest in student athletes and provide them with the opportunities necessary to succeed. Through this organization, he has seen how Ball State has changed these students’ lives and has loved getting to know them personally. This year, Casey serves as the President of the CVC and will continue to be an ambassador for One Ball State Day and the athletics department. 

 As a first-time ambassador, Casey thought getting involved and becoming an ambassador was easy and helped him understand why this fundraising effort was so important. ”The university did a nice job explaining the process and sharing why the money raised is so impactful. They made me feel like a part of the team.”Specifically, through One Ball State Day, Casey had the opportunity to rally his community and network of people around a cause that was so important to him. “I got to shine a light on a passion of mine.” 

Casey hopes that Ball State takes another big step forward this year through One Ball State Day. “One Ball State Day is like a snowball that is just beginning to roll down the hill. The more people we engage, the more money we can raise and the greater impact we can have on our students and community.  I am excited to continue to help this university move forward.” 


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