Introducing this year’s student philanthropy leaders!

The Philanthropy Education Council (PEC) is a student-run organization with a mission to inform fellow students about the impact and importance of giving time, talent, and financial resources to Ball State. Student philanthropy impacts current and future students by ensuring their success. According to Connor Dailey, current president of this organization, “PEC offers current students the opportunity to give back to their university and spread knowledge throughout the campus community in different ways community members can give back as well.”

Council members play an important role here at Ball State as they act as ambassadors of the University. Their responsibilities include participating in alumni/donor events and aiding in planning exciting events including One Ball State Day. Brittney Grim, Director of Student and Young Alumni Philanthropy, says of working with PEC, “The Philanthropy Education Council is passionate about building the culture of beneficence at Ball State. I am very excited to work closely with these outstanding student leaders to see how they can make an impact on campus.” Ball State is proud to have these students as representatives to the community, alumni and donors, and current students. 

 “I am very excited to see what creative ideas the team comes up with this year to help build the culture of beneficence at Ball State” – Brittney Grim, Director of Student and Young Alumni Philanthropy

Last year, council members were able to make their mark and show their creative talents during One Ball State Day.  Grim stated that “PEC made a great impact on campus last year with One Ball State Day with Cardinal Cab, a life-sized birds nest, and more!” This year, the Council hopes to continue its great work in planning One Ball State Day by taking charge of the on-campus student events. They plan on increasing their student involvement this year. Connor stated that “After the great successes we have had over the past two years, with some of these efforts receiving national awards, we are looking forward to building on those successes and continuing to find new and exciting ways to engage the campus community during the lead up to and day of OBSD.” Additionally, the Council will be promoting the Top 100 Student Awards to their peers and fellow campus leaders to encourage nominations and applications.

“I am excited to be a member of PEC and support Ball State University in this way. I believe strongly in philanthropy, and a position on this council is a way to make that happen. I am excited to teach students and alumni alike why philanthropy is such a crucial part of our BSU community.” – Mav Vore, PEC Member

2021-2022 Philanthropy Education Council members

  • Conor Dailey (President), ’23, Music/Medallion Scholars (Environmental Stewardship)
  • Payten Romig (Vice President), ’24, Theatre
  • Sunnie Berning, ’23, Visual Communications
  • Joshua Brandon, ’23, History and Pre Law
  • Thomas Deckard, ’23, Journal and Media
  • Alethea Kessler, ’23, Exceptional Needs Intense Intervention, Special Education
  • Callahan Lacy, ’25, Media and Digital Audio Production
  • Tina Nguyen, ’23, Legal Studies and Political Science
  • Blake Reynolds,  ’23, Finance,
  • Emma Schneider, ’23, Apparel Design and Fashion Merchandising
  • Justyce Solomon, ’23, Finance
  • Mac Vore, ’26 Theatre Education
  • Madisen Zent,  ’24, Psychology and Political Science