Approaching campus from the south end, it’s difficult to miss Beneficence as she stands at the center of five pillars, greeting every Cardinal who passes The Quad. With an outstretched arm and hand to hold, she’s the first warm welcome every new student feels.

And, at the end of every Cardinal’s journey, Beneficence is the last to say goodbye as they cross The Quad and flip their tassels.

Beneficence is the quality of doing good through service and philanthropy and reflects the gift of time and talent of Ball State alumni to their communities around the country. At Ball State University, we value what it means to live that message. The Ball State Day of Beneficence (DOB) is a day where the Ball State community, friends and family alike come together to volunteer in their local communities.

The event was conceived during a 2018 Alumni Council meeting, and the first ever DOB was held in April 2019. In April 2021, the second Day of Beneficence was held with 25 organized projects across five states: California, Indiana, New York, Ohio and Florida, and contributed more than 50 hours of individual community service.

For three years, DOB has connected Ball State alumni in the Indianapolis area back to the university and Muncie community through service projects and volunteer work. This year, DOB offered participants 17 on-site service projects to register for as well as a blood drive and virtual opportunity for those interested in participating from outside of the on-site project locations. 

The third annual Day of Beneficence occurred Saturday, June 11. Over 200 individuals participated across all projects in seven cities throughout Indiana, Ohio, Texas, and California.

This year’s DOB celebration was also the first year Ball State had a presence in the Indianapolis Pride Parade June 11. The university’s newly formed LGBTQ+ alumni group partnered with the Office of Inclusive Excellence to organize the group’s inclusion in the parade, and a total of 13 individuals participated. The Alumni Association looks to build on those numbers for next year.

Bill Bradford, ’07, led this year’s DOB efforts in Indianapolis.

“Day of Beneficence has been a great way for Ball State alumni in the Indianapolis area to stay connected to the university and the community,” Bradford said. “Even during the pandemic, our expectations for attendance were exceeded at our five Indianapolis area projects. We have been impressed with how many people can be reached with the Alumni Association platform and the impact that we can make on our local community.