The Ball State University Foundation Celebrates Seven Decades of Giving

“As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, I appreciate the extraordinary impact the Ball State University Foundation has had on improving the growth, the visibility, and the excellence of our University. And as we plan for our next capital campaign, I am grateful that the Foundation will continue to play a vital role in supporting the success of our students for generations to come.” -President Mearns

On October 30, 2021, the Ball State Foundation will celebrate a milestone of seven decades of beneficence. In 1951, a handful of people with only $4,600 in early investments founded the small corporate entity to meet the University’s strategic goals. From those modest beginnings have grown a sophisticated corporation with a net worth totaling nearly $1.14 million in its first half-century. In that same period, the Foundation accepted more than $1.69 million in contributions and provided more than $96 million for University and student support. As of June 30, 2021, the Foundation’s assets have grown to a staggering $3.29 million. The Foundation supports the University’s mission by prudently stewarding, investing, and allocating private gifts for scholarships, faculty, and programs. Always looking forward, the Foundation works to be a continuing example of excellence by promoting and facilitating a culture of philanthropy, service, volunteer leadership, and exemplary fiduciary responsibility.

Responsible stewardship begins with the Foundation’s commitment to integrity and its governing board of directors. To date, 97 people have served on the board. Their unique dedication and unbound enthusiasm for the goals of the Foundation encourages thousands of alumni and friends to contribute to the Foundation’s assets. The principles of fiscal responsibility, accountability, transparency, and commitment to alumni and donors are behind every investment the Foundation makes. The board also provides fiduciary oversight and connects alumni, friends, and the community to Ball State through engagement and philanthropy.

Donors give to the Foundation in two ways: Treasure and Time. The former creates a tangible impact on the lives of students through a plethora of customizable giving options. The latter utilizes volunteer hours which helps our campus and students develop and thrive. If you are interested in contributing to this storied Foundation’s dream, please visit