Read about a man who exemplifies what it means to be a stellar alumnus

Larry Metzing, ’70, exemplifies giving back to one’s university. On his frequent return trips to Ball State University, Larry describes taking long drives onto campus to remember why he is here—to help students have an experience equal to or greater than his own.

A strong advocate for Greek life, he has touted its importance in engagement and fundraising efforts. He credits Ball State for his success, not just in business but also in his personal life. Larry met his wife on campus grounds, and all three of their children were baptized by a priest at Ball State, the same one that officiated his wedding. In his recent highlight video, produced by the Ball State Alumni Association, he jovially recounts his favorite quote, which is, “The best way to stay young is to associate with young people and the quickest way to get old is to try to keep up with them.”

Larry served first on the Alumni Council from 2002-2021, and then on the Ball State Foundation Board as one of the Alumni Council representatives from February 2014-June 2021. During his tenure, he served on both the Philanthropy Committee and the Governance Committee.  In 2019, the Foundation Board added an Alumni Council representative to the Executive Committee, a role in which Larry served from 2019-2021.  He also was a member of the Business Model Task Force from 2016-2017. A strong advocate for alumni networking, Larry founded the Cardinal Networking Forum in Indianapolis.

As part of his recognition of service to the Board, fellow directors were asked to share their favorite characteristics about Larry, which were then collected into a word cloud. Floating amongst his many songs of praise are words that include “Bleeds Cardinal Red,” “Connector,” “True Friend,” and “Fun Loving.”

Larry Metzing is a Cardinal through and through and continues to live the legacy of Ball State University.

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