By creating co-curricular activities and fostering relationships between students and alumni, these two groups are forging Ball State students’ future.

“The opportunities for leadership experience are endless through the Steering Committee,” says Kelly Asiala, the general chair of Ball State’s Homecoming Steering Committee (HSC). “Through various positions on the committee, students plan campus-wide events, work with local Muncie businesses, and connect with current students and alumni.”

Since 1961, the HSC has collaborated with students and the University to celebrate school pride, reconnect the campus to its students, and honor traditions. Due to the pandemic and the postponement of all 2020 Homecoming activities until Spring 2021, this responsibility has been particularly challenging. “Being a part of something with such a strong and prevalent history is a great privilege, especially this year,” she says. “I’ve been a member of the Homecoming Steering Committee since I was a freshman in college, so initially, the task to plan university-wide events was extremely daunting. Now, three years later and as the General Chair, Homecoming has become a part of my everyday life.”

Taking some of the pressure off Homecoming Week is Mrs. Audrey Weigel and the Alumni Association’s St.A.R.T. program. “The purpose of St.A.R.T. is to create a relationship between students and alumni,” she says. “This is to benefit students with the knowledge and expertise of alumni in a particular area of study. Additionally, the club engages students in Ball State University through events, services, and networking. As an example, we have an upcoming virtual panel event with HR professionals that we are hosting with the Young Alumni Council. This is a great opportunity for students to learn valuable information.”

“The Alumni Association is an incredible team that is always so helpful and supportive leading up to and during Homecoming Week,” says Asiala. “The Steering Committee has endless support from the Alumni Engagement staff, especially from our advisors.”

The HSC and St.A.R.T. team, like peanut butter and jelly, combine to form something special for Ball State. For students seeking to be more involved, meet new people, or try new things, attend one of the networking opportunities or enroll in a mentorship fostered by these two organizations—it could spark a life-changing experience. Alumni can mentor students, network for career advancement, and connect through Ball State’s global community on Cardinals Connect . For more information about this year’s first ever Spring Homecoming, visit