Since graduating in 2019, young Ball State alumna Marquice Gee has already been making an impact on the current Ball State community. A member of the Black Alumni Constituent Society (BACS) and the Young Alumni Council (YAC), Gee has spent much of her time and energy in the past three years giving back to the alma mater that gave so much to her.

“Ball State did so much for me in terms of growth, helping me achieve varying accomplishments and obtain multiple opportunities that I don’t think I would have gotten anywhere else,” Gee said. “I feel it is not only my duty to stay involved but to give back in hopes of giving even a morsel to the younger Cardinal community what Ball State gave to me during my time as a student.”

Gee loves that Ball State provides its students with a close-knit community that made her feel connected to every part of campus. Ball State’s environment made her feel more pride for her institution, and everyone she knew at Ball State wanted her to succeed while helping her achieve her goals.

“I would encourage people to give to any group, organization, scholarship, and/or individual that comes from an underserved community,” Gee said. “Whether it be through time, expert talent, or treasure, it is important to help students coming from adverse backgrounds.”

Gee feels it’s important for alumni to give back so that current students know that others care about their wellbeing and success. Additionally, she wants to return the blessings she was granted during her time at Ball State.

“I give back to ensure that the legacy, opportunities, and richness of the Ball State community can continue for generations. I want others to share in that experience and to hopefully have the same sentiments as me one day—to give back themselves and continue the cycle.”

In addition to her dedication to Ball State, Gee works full time in the Financial Operations Department at Simon Property Group in downtown Indianapolis. She is a content creator dedicated to promoting positive growth and self-love.

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