It takes a village to keep 201,000 incredible alumni connected and engaged.

The work and leadership of the Alumni Association’s Alumni Council members and volunteers is extremely important. To inspire and involve this important group in current and future programming, the second biennial Alumni Leaders Conference was held on Saturday, November 14.

The virtual event attracted more than 130 attendees, including members of the Alumni Council, Foundation Board, Young Alumni Council, affinity societies, collegiate societies, regional chapters, and collegiate advisory boards.

The conference kicked off with a welcome from Alumni Association President Jamie Acton, followed by a Town Hall/State of the University presentation by President Mearns, who discussed the important role of volunteers, Ball State’s strategic plan, and the future campaign.

One of the highlights was a session led by Brian Gallagher, ’81 HHD ’03, president and CEO of United Way Worldwide. In his presentation, “Shaping Your Personal and Professional Mission,” he discussed the importance of having a sense of purpose which can be channeled through your personal and professional life.

Other sessions included “Mentoring 101” (how to get started with Cardinal Connect online) and round tables on collegiate engagement and virtual events. During lunch Volunteer of the Year awards were presented to Teresa Jeter, ’95, and Dwight Smith, ’87, and the James Hatcher Leadership Award was given to Larry Metzing, ‘70.

View Alumni Leaders Conference recorded sessions here.