Freshman student Natalie Lennon is posed toward the camera smiling for a selfie with a brown horse. Lennon wears a yellow short sleeved shirt and a sunflower flower crown. Natalie Lennon

As a new freshman from Indianapolis, IN, Natalie Lennon was looking forward to getting to experience a new sense of freedom. Natalie is currently studying Pre-Dietetics, and when talking about why she picked Ball State, Natalie shared that Ball State’s location was important to her. “Ball State is far enough away from home that I can live on campus, but close enough that I can go home on the weekends if I want to,” she shared. She also describes the campus size being something that drew her in—the campus is large enough that she can explore, but small enough that she doesn’t feel overwhelmed when exploring.

With her major, she was excited about the dietetics program here—she had read quite a few good things about it, which helped build her excitement. Also, she shared her feelings of happiness at having been given a scholarship to attend. Natalie also went on to share what her hopes are for the future—she hopes to become a medical nutritional therapist one day and is eager to see how her coursework and experiences in her major will help her on that path. “I want to specialize in gastrointestinal diseases. Ultimately, I want to use my own experiences to help and empathize with other people.”

Currently, though, Natalie is incredibly active on campus. She is an officer in the Ball State Dietetics Association (BSDA), is involved with Delight Ministries, and Grace Village when she has the time. Natalie also went on to describe how she hopes to continue to be involved on campus and is looking forward to getting involved with The Alliance for Disability Awareness (ADA) in the upcoming semester.


Happy holidays and we will see you all back next semester!


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