Elizabeth Love, a junior, sits smiling on stone steps. She wears a green top with embroidered flowers and tan shorts. Her hair is pinned back and curled.Wheelchair Basketball, one of the most popular adaptive sport opportunities on Ball State’s campus, was able to return to campus following the COVID-19 pandemic putting a halt to it in March of 2020. It currently goes on every Monday night at the Recreation Center, and we’re glad to see some students participating each week. One student is Elizabeth Love, a junior Public Relations major, who comes out each Monday night. Elizabeth explained that she had always loved sports, but due to a major surgery in high school, had been unable to participate in them for a long time. She hadn’t really planned on getting back into sports when she came to college, but when she heard that we offered adaptive sports, she said she found her curiosity peaked.

“My freshman year was my first year with adaptive sports,” Love explained when asked about her experience. “Wheelchair basketball was something that I thought, ‘I haven’t tried sports in a few years, but I’ll give it a try’.” She went on to explain how she went every week that she could during her freshman year because the ability to get back into sports helped her regain a sense of independence, as well as helped her to have fun and create friendships. The outlet that wheelchair basketball provides allows her to relax and stay in a good headspace—she described how thankful she is to have a few hours a week to just focus on the moment and no other responsibilities that she has.

When asked what she wished people knew about adaptive sports, she stated, “I wish people knew it’s not scary and that you should maybe branch out and try something new and see if you like it.” She also shared how she hopes that more adaptive sports get to happen on Ball State’s campus in the future.


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