Right (Top): Halle Pressler; Bottom (Left): Brooke Tiedge; Bottom (Right): Abbigail Tuttle

Written by Tori Smith, Public Relations and Social Media Assistant 

Each semester, the David Owsley Museum of Art hires several students for museum internships. This Spring, DOMA hired five new interns to join the museum’s team! Get to know who they are and what they will be doing for DOMA in the coming months.  

Shawyna Hayes

Shawyna Hayes is a second-year art education major and an education intern at DOMA. They applied for the internship because they were looking for a position that was new, fun, and related to art education. They look forward to making an impact in the campus and Muncie community. They love painting (especially watercolors), insects, and reading classical books.  

Abbigial Tuttle

Abbigail Tuttle is a second-year anthropology major and a curatorial intern at DOMA. She applied for the internship because she hopes to work in collections or curatorial in her future career. She’s most looking forward to gaining knowledge about a museum in all its glory. Her favorite TV show is Bones, which was her inspiration for pursuing an anthropology degree. 

Brooke Tiedge

Brooke Tiedge is a third-year art history major and a collections intern at DOMA. She is thrilled to be working at DOMA because of the inspiration and curiosity it provides. She’s looking forward to working with the exhibition Beyond the Medici and the daily upkeep of collections data. She volunteered for 6 months of missionary work in Hawaii and Panama, bakes with a specialty in decorating cakes and iced cookies and loves movie scores. She likes to play board games with her family and friends and enjoy the outdoors with her husband. 

Rachel Briggs

Rachel Briggs is a third-year art history major and is doing curatorial research. She applied for the internship because she took several courses taught by Noelle Giuffrida, and it further interested her to get hands-on experience. She’s most looking forward to expanding her knowledge on Asian arts and working on identifying prints in DOMA’s collection. She loves video games, her favorite being a visual novel series called Zero Escape. She has two cats.  

Halle Pressler

Halle Pressler is a third-year public history major and an education intern at DOMA. She applied for the internship because she was interested in learning how museums connect to the community and local schools. She also wanted to receive hands-on museum experience while contributing to DOMA’s mission of life-long learning. She’s looking forward to researching, creating, and leading her own Docent Choice Tour, as well as working with the other education interns. In her free time, she loves to paint, crochet, and make her own jewelry. She also collects interesting earrings, her favorite being a pair of working multi-colored Rubik’s CubesTM.