By: Molly Carpenter, Education Intern

molly carpenter habitat for humanity

Through the Muncie Intern Collaborative, I had the opportunity to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. This volunteer opportunity allowed me to form new relationships and gain a new, fulfilling experience.

While I was there, one of the benefits of the experience was meeting new people. I worked with other interns from different locations around Muncie, such as MutualBank and the Delaware Country Chamber of Commerce. I enjoyed hearing about their internship experiences and getting to know more about them. It was also a pleasure to meet and make connections with the coordinators of Habitat for Humanity. They were very friendly and made me interested in volunteering with them in the future. The experience was fulfilling because I felt with every little improvement, I was helping a family in need who truly deserved the support.

During the hours I spent at Habitat, I did simple work, such as laying a plastic protective layer on the carpet and painting the shed in the backyard. But I learned that those little tasks make a big difference in the long run for the family who will be living in the house. Taking the time to do high quality work that will last is more important than getting the task finished; there’s always someone who can finish the job the next day. I have also been able to apply that mindset to my work at DOMA and anything else I do, for that matter. Producing high quality work should always come first over speed.

This experience affected my internship with DOMA in a positive way, since it allowed me to help people in a new way and experience the community Muncie has to offer. It offered a new perspective on how people influence and change a community for the better. My work at DOMA allows for me to help teach and provide resources for those who visit the museum, while the Habitat for Humanity Build let me see the community from a different angle and help on more of a personal level. I feel that now I can move forward better knowing the people I help serve indirectly.

Volunteering for your community is a great way to spend your time. It allows you to grow as a person, find a sense of fulfillment, to help your community grow, and to gain new memories, relationships, and skills. If you’re interested in getting involved, Ball State’s President Mearns has initiated his Better Together program, in which he pledged to partner with the Muncie community and expand our support. To learn more about volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in Muncie, visit for more information.