By: Faleece Childress, Education Intern

On Tuesday, June 11th, DOMA hosted an event called Connecting Through Art, and it was a huge success! We would love to thank everyone who joined in and connected through art with us here at DOMA. Everyone who attended this event interacted well with one another, and worked to create a positive atmosphere. We had a huge crowd with a wide range of ages and those who were students and those who were not.


Everyone interacted with art in a way that people normally would not when going to a museum. At this event, those attending took their time to experience works of art as a whole, looking them over, describing them to each other, and coming up with questions that they would ask the artists.




One of the many things done at this event, was to leave notes for works of art that those who came enjoy the most, or that really resonated with them. Next time you come to visit, what kind of note would you leave?




Join us for our next Connecting Through Art event tomorrow, Tuesday, July 9th! Meet in DOMA’s Sculpture Court. This event is free and open to the public, suitable for all ages, and absolutely no art experience is required.