61272405_2759475130760451_7209580739275259904_nBy: Jalynn Madison, Public Relations & Marketing Intern

College can be a stressful time for students. Between worrying about your GPA, graduation, and deciding on your next steps in life, it’s not surprising that summer break is sought after and well spent. But instead of spending money on a vacation across the country, why not de-stress and relax closer to home at DOMA?

Visiting an art museum can give you the same mental relaxation effects as going on a vacation. If you’ve ever been in nature and felt relaxed, then you have experienced Stephen and Rachel Kaplan’s Attention Restoration Theory (ART). ART is a psychological theory that states that being exposed to nature can improve our focus and ability to concentrate. It continues to explain that nature is a restorative environment because it allows us to be away from our stressors, engages us in soft fascination, provides comfort, and it is compatible with our interests.

With those qualities in mind, DOMA can also be considered a restorative environment. If you are stressed with work or life in general (because, trust me, we’ve all been there), strolling through our galleries and exhibitions can get you away from your stressors and provide you with a sense of fascination at the art we have on display. If you are someone who enjoys looking at art, DOMA is compatible with your interests and we encourage you to take your time and get comfortable while browsing through the collections.

Come explore Impressions of Love: J. Ottis and Winifred Brady Adams, an Extended Exhibition of Selected Works in the Brown Study Room through August.

You could also come on Tuesday, July 9th, for Connecting Through Art, an interactive art experience led by the DOMA education team. Join DOMA interns, docents, and staff for informal art conversations as we look at and discuss selected artworks using some recommended museum education methods. This event is free and open to the public, suitable for all ages, and no art experience required. Meet in the Sculpture Court at 12pm!

Why not enjoy your summer in a less conventional and more constructive way? Our free quiet museum will have you relaxed in no time — you’ll be glad you came.