By Emily Horn, DOMA Social Media Assistant

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day encourages us to explore the many genres of art and let it inspire us.


Tennessee Mountain Land, 1899 Theodore Clement Steele

The origins of Inspire Your Heart With Art Day are unknown, though it is annually celebrated on January 31.  The meaning of Inspire Your Heart With Art Day, is fairly clear, take a moment to step away for the craziness of life and enjoy a genre of art that inspires you.

The word “inspire” means to “animate the mind.” With the abundance of artworks created in the world, the ones that move us to tears or cause us to burst out into laughter remain with us forever. Whether we are touched by music, theatre, or literature art has the power to inspire our hearts.

Are you looking for ways to inspire your heart with art? Here is a list of ideas to get those creative juices flowing!


  • Visit an art gallery/museum. 
  • Play an instrument
  • Read a good book.
  • Listen to music.
  • Attend a live performance.
  • Teach someone a new skill.
  • Break out the coloring book. 
  • See an inspirational film.
  • Share your art with others.