Sierra Trowbridge
Education Intern


May 20th-22nd, the David Owsley Museum of Art hosted its second Art in Bloom, an event in which six florists are invited to create a floral arrangement inspired by a work of art in the museum. I attended the opening reception on Friday, May 20th. I do not think I have ever seen so many different and strange flowers in one place. Nevertheless, each florist was able to take materials of their own choosing and create an arrangement that brought out elements of the artwork as well as adding personal interpretation that made each piece unique and exciting. Seeing everything and everyone come together and transform the museum into a floral paradise filled with guests was something spectacular.

DSC_0125For my part, I was privileged to help a talented local florist, Jackie Turner from the Flower Bin Inc., put her arrangement together. Not that I got to play with any flowers, but when she needed something I made sure she had it and I drove the cart holding her flowers and vases with the utmost care. My favorite aspect of helping, though, was asking questions. Jackie Turner is probably one of the friendliest people I have ever met, and was more that willing to talk all about her flowers.  She loves tropical flowers, a fact evident throughout her arrangement. When I asked her what the most difficult part of putting her work together was, her immediate response was the color. The textile art work she took inspiration from, Mariska Karasz’s Equilibrium, had a lot of muted colors; browns and somewhat dull reds, yellows, and oranges. Fall colors that are a might bit difficult to find in the spring. She found her inspiration, though, and forged ahead with a plan to incorporate those colors and the textures within the tapestry, resulting in a beautifully dynamic arrangement.

Now, when I was helping Jackie and providing assistance in other aspects of preparation during the day, it was more of a behind the scenes kind of adventure. When the guests arrived, all of a sudden the hard work everyone had put in was on view. It was fantastic. People wandered all around the galleries making conversation, appreciating the flowers. I got to talk to brilliant people I would never have come in contact with. Greeting people, checking them in, answering their questions in the galleries; all of that went into making sure they had the best time we could provide. The fact that I was able to help in that goal is an experience I will not soon forget, and hopefully, our guests remember their evening among the flowers as fondly as we do.

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