Felicia Konrad
Collections Management Intern

The newest member of the David Owsley Museum of Art Staff is Shannon Bryan, our new Administrative Coordinator. Shannon moved here nine years ago with her husband and two children.

Having a degree in History, she took a lot of Art History courses that contributed to her interest in working at the David Owlsey Museum of Art. So going to work at DOMA was like “going back to where she has been.” She also enjoys the “enlightening and fast-paced thinking environment” that keeps her on her toes.

Thus far Shannon’s favorite part of being at Ball State University is the international outreach. For her it offers a sense of community and a new perspective. Mrs. Bryan’s favorite part about being at DOMA is working with the special events and supporting those events.

Shannon is particularly looking forward to seeing the culmination of everyone’s’ hard work on bringing Neda Wants to Die, a play written and performed in conjunction with the World Bank exhibit 1 in 3: What does it Take for You to Be Outraged, to Ball State University. The play was performed April 14 and 15 at 6 pm in the Recital Hall, across the hall from the museum’s north entrance. The other event that she is looking forward to is Art in Bloom, a fundraising event held on May 20 featuring floral displays inspired by works of art from the museum’s collection. Mrs. Bryan is looking forward to the community involvement for this event and expresses her love for seeing the melding of community, fine arts, craft arts, and business all into one amazing event.

When asked who her favorite artist or artwork is she responded that she prefers the creative process to having a favorite artwork. Mrs. Bryan likes to look at what was done to create a work and then understand the process.


All of us at the David Owsley Museum of Art would like to welcome Mrs. Shannon Bryan!