The DOMA Insider has been providing the community with behind-the-scenes stories and reviews of events in the David Owsley Museum of Art for over two years. Content for the DOMA Insider is written by students, with the goal of providing the community with an insider’s perspective of the museum. We hope the blog posts allow you to experience the museum in a new way and allow you to keep in touch with all that is happening at the museum. Below is an introduction of the new DOMA Insider writers

My name is Hailey Beard. I am a second year graduate student Capture5654working on a master’s degree in public relations. I decided to work as a public relations assistant here because not only do I love museums, but I also love the David Owsley Museum of Art. I feel as though this museum is able to offer a great deal of cultural diversity, as well as a vast variety of events. My ultimate goal is to be able to use my time here as the basis for my final capstone project. I would love to do public relations work at a museum after I graduate, and I appreciate the experience that working here will provide me.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.20.08 AMMy name is Kyrra
Clevenger. Currently, I am a senior at Ball State with a concentration in art history. My passion for working in an art museum sparked when I visited The Getty Center in Los Angeles. I stepped into a space exhibiting the existential sculptures of Alberto Giacometti and immediately was filled with excitement. I chose an internship in education at DOMA because not only am I passionate about art history, but I am also passionate about educating people about art history. My goal is to gain a doctorate in museum studies and eventually become a director of education at an accredited art museum.

IMG_2560My name is Felicia Konrad. I am a second year anthropology graduate student with a focus in historical archaeology and museums. I am a collections management intern with Rebecca Vaughn. I chose to apply for this internship because it was a great opportunity to learn about collection management in a different museum setting (i.e. art museum versus history museum). I have used my time here this semester learning a new cataloging system and how to research and offer suggestions for museum policies.


My name is Mackenzie Robinson and I am a sophomore Visual Communications major here at Ball State. I am also pursuing a Spanish minor. Currently, my work here at the museum includes cataloging new acquisitions, handling and storing the items not on display, and managing files and forms for Rebecca, our registrar.

IMG_6704My name is Ashley Vandervelde. I am a senior Photography and Intermedia Arts major, with a minor in art history. I have a great love for the arts, as well as educating and inspiring others. I plan to obtain my master’s in fine arts and teach students at a university level. I work in the Collections department at the DOMA. I enjoy getting to learn how a museum runs behind the scenes. My position entails a great deal of critical organization and learning how to care for delicate objects. As a hyper-organized, art enthusiast I really enjoy the opportunity of getting to work in Collections.