Regan Kelly
Program Assistant

“Get Framed!”

Starting off the semester, the David Owsley Museum of Art hosted Quad Bash on Friday, August 28. This annual event, that includes several fun activities, free food and prizes, and a steady flow of people throughout the evening. Created by students,  the event was planned, organized, and run by Ball State students from the Museum Club, a campus organization whose members volunteer in museums in the Muncie area.

Photo credit, Emma Rogers

Eye Spy Activity

During the event, visitors were given activity programs. After completing each activity, they submitted the filled out program for a raffle to win a gift set. There were five activities in total.

Museum Director, Bob LaFrance, participating in the Getting Framed! activity

Museum Director, Bob LaFrance, participating in the Getting Framed! activity

The first activity in the Sculpture Court was “Get Framed!” For this activity, participants held up one of several decorative frames and/or a sign and had their picture taken. The signs included “Take me to the art museum!” and “Art matters to me.”

Visitors also participated in the Eye Spy activity by searching the museum for works of art that matched the photographs on the sheet. To complete the game, one must identify them only by the eyes featured in the various works of art. While the Eye Spy activity was popular at the Quad Bash event, the sheets are available in the museum year-round.

Balakrishna, 1300-1699, Indian, Bronze, 2007.009.000

Balakrishna, 1300-1699, Indian, Bronze, 2007.009.000

The Infinite Museum activity

A little girl attempting the Infinite Museum prompt, “Time to imitate the art! Try to hold Balakrishna’s pose for a full minute.”

Also featured during the event was an Infinite Museum activity table. Here, visitors would be shown a prompt from The Infinite Museum’s website and, if they participated in the activity, they would receive a free “What are you looking at?” temporary tattoo.

Upstairs, there was a wishing tree. Here, people wrote their wishes on a small slip of paper and attached it to a large drawing of a tree, inspired by a long Japanese tradition originally using bamboo. The Wish Tree is now on display on the 2nd floor of the Fine Arts building, outside the museum. Anyone may come by and add their own wish to the tree.

Wish Tree Activity

Wish Tree Activity

The night was a tremendous success and the museum, as well as the Museum Club, would like to sincerely thank everyone who came out and helped us celebrate the start of the school year. The David Owsley Museum of Art is excited for the new school year and all of the wonderful activities and exhibits that it has planned. Stay tuned to the DOMA Insider, our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay updated on all things DOMA related.

Images courtesy of Emma Rogers