Emily Dykstra
Education Intern

On Saturday, May 16 from 2-4 pm, the exhibition reception for Listening Across Generations: Fractured Narratives Youth Collaboration celebrated the expression of local children throughout Muncie, along with other participants, who made the exhibition possible. Youth photographers from the “Boys and Girls Club,” the “Buley Center,” “Friends of Conley,” and “Motivate Our Minds” took pictures at places they felt they were understood within the community, as well as places where they felt ignored. The youth collaboration demonstrates that children and young adults are capable of making meaningful artwork that connects to themselves on a personal level.

Visitors attending the reception had the opportunity to browse the museum, look at the impressive collections, as well as view the arrangements from the “Art in Bloom” event. The visitors later gathered in the sculpture room to celebrate the hard work of the young photographers, museum staff and the organization leaders involved in making the exhibition possible. Speakers, from all of the groups present, came together to give thanks to all of the individuals who gave support. Once the speeches came to a close, the group ventured to an open exhibit to participate in a drawing activity where one may illustrate where he or she had felt heard or ignored. Drawings from children and adults were hung up on display lines so that they may share their drawings, making them a part of the collaboration as well.

Listening Across Generations: Fractured Narratives Youth Collaboration was an enjoyable and memorable event. We, the observers of the exhibition, are given a window into the minds of our community’s youth. The results of their hard work is something to be recognized and celebrated.