Hailey Beard
Public Relations Intern


The Art in Bloom was a stunning success for the David Owsley Museum of Art on Friday, May 15. Six floral designers from across the state designed floral arrangements based on selected works of art. The event was the first of this kind to take place at the museum but is the start of a blooming, new tradition here at the museum.

The galleries buzzed with groups of guests whom chose to attend the event, support the floral designers and to see the interesting and unique bouquets that were created. The evening started with a presentation that named the winner and runner up for the best designs. This was then followed by hors d’Oeuvres and drinks while the band, Warp Trio, played in the sculpture court.


Arrangement by Kari Geary

The winner of the Judges’ Gold Award was Kari Geary. Geary created a colorful and thoughtful arrangement that represents her translation of the floral painting “In Poppyland” by John Ottis Adams.


David Strohmeyer’s arrangement

The winner of the Judges’ Silver Award was David Strohmeyer whom created a calla lily dominated arrangement inspired by the sculptures “Diana” and “Actaeon.”

Throughout the weekend the arrangements remained next to the works of art that inspired them. Individuals, who came to the museum, were able to vote on their favorite of the six arrangements featured in the exhibit.


Arrangement by Julie Vance

At the end of the weekend, the votes were tallied and the winner of the People’s Choice Award went to Julie Vance. Vance was inspired by the painting “Autumn” by François Boucher, which responded to the swooping lines and playfulness of the subject and painting’s Rococo style.

Other participants in the event included Eileen McCullough who created an arrangement that represented her interpretation of the “Lamino Lounge Chair” from 1956.

Eilean's chair

Eileen McCullough’s arrangement

buddah head

Arrangement by Jackie Turner

Jackie Turner made a design that spoke of her love of the Chinese “Head of Bodhisattva.”

Finally, Judy Davis Benken created a series of designs mimicking the “Palace Support Columns” which are featured in the African wing of the museum.


Judy Davis Benken’s arrangement

The Art in Bloom event was an enjoyable evening. Many people could be heard commenting on how beautiful and memorable the event was. Individuals took pictures with the displays and enjoyed looking at the intricate arrangements while comparing them to the work of art that inspired them.

Melissa Daniels, event chair for the Art in Bloom event, discussing the new and exciting event for the David Owsley Museum of Art. “I am very pleased with our inaugural year for this event!  There was a great energy in the museum on Friday night.  It was a nice way to feature the beautiful designs of floral designers and bring a whole new interpretation to some ‘museum favorites.’  All of the feedback I have received has been extremely positive, from floral designers, judges and guests.  The floral designers were excited to have an opportunity to use their creative talents in such a fun and unique way.  The guests I spoke with said they had never seen the museum more “alive”.  I am especially pleased that not only the opening night reception went well, but that the public had an opportunity to see the designs throughout the weekend.  I think in this sense, it is an ideal model; it gives us the opportunity to have a nice fundraising event and to also share the excitement with the public, students and faculty.”

viewThe Art in Bloom event was an enjoyable evening and a beautiful success. I am anxious to see how the event will blossom in the years to come.

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